Sunday, March 21, 2010

FCK Editor Toolbar Functions - 7 Videos

FCK Editor Toolbar Functions - 7 Videos - Unfortunately - NOT Free
This tutorial outlines the functions in the FCK Editor Toolbar.

The tutorial shows how each of the FCK Editor Toolbar functions work, ranging from basic text editing, such as copy and paste techniques, through to creating various types of links such as anchor links. All options in the toolbar are demonstrated including the advanced functions for each button. This tutorial also comes with a PDF document which outlines all of the keyboard shortcuts used within the FCK editor.

The videos cover:
  • Video 1 - Introduction, FCK Editor Basics, Toolbar buttons
  • Video 2 - Copy and Paste Functions, Removing Formatting
  • Video 3 - Text Formatting, Lists, Indents Text Alignment, Links
  • Video 4 - Working with Links
  • Video 5 - Working with Links and Images
  • Video 6 - Working with Images, Flash and Tables
  • Video 7 - Working with Tables, Insert, Formatting Text
Total Time Length: 54mins

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