Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Оружейные заметки / Defence Industry (notes)

Я хочу собрать интересные статьи относящиеся к истории и эволюции стрелкового оружия, систем вооружений, танков и т.д.

Интересно именно с точки зрения прогресса и последовательности принятия решений приведшей к успеху.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Standing at work

As you know or not, I stay at work for the last HALF year.
Actually it was less "painful" that I was imagining.

I've made custom made table with two plates and gained a lot of place for things.
I saved my company a chair :-).
I need less place for my desk.
I didn't raise my weight, imagine, my weight is the same as half year ago.
I don't feel much difference now between standing and sitting.
And finally I can say: "I don't have sitting way of living".

So, if you interested to know more about the issue of "standing at work" ask me.
The desk is: