Wednesday, September 22, 2010

IE9 Beta release - MS Event

Recently - 19 Sep 2010, I attended at Microsoft event dedicated to IE9 Beta release. The meeting was at Raanana's customer center of Microsoft Israel.

The primary discussion points were:
- IE8 usage and changes in comparison to IE6 and IE7
- JavaScript changes and compatibility issues
- cross domain requests and AJAX
- IE9 improvements and standard compliance

The presenters were Noam King and Moshe Goldberg from SELA Group. Noam introduced the meeting agenda, where Moshe dedicated almost all the time to differences between IE8 and previous version of browser.
The presentation was done in IE9 and present auditory was able to feel the spirit of IE9. There were few funny moments. The IE9 non actually friendly to Visual studio developer and required multiple refreshes to actually see the content. Some MS sites not actually working with IE9. The presenters (MS related guys) always refer to Google search engine - not BING.

Certainly the IE9 has a future but for now it's beta and we understand the glitches ...

The code and presentation files are available from this page.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Windows API Code Pack v1.1 Released! - CodeProject

Windows API Code Pack v1.1

Last Tuesday (31.08.2010), Microsoft released a new version for the excellent managed library, Windows API Code Pack.

For those who don't know, this library serves as a managed wrapper for many Windows APIs which are not included in the .NET framework, especially new features from Windows Vista and Windows 7. Read more - article at codeproject: Windows API Code Pack v1.1 Released! - CodeProject